Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Word is getting out, so I thought I would post it. We played with the idea of selling our house and talked about it for awhile. Then we went for it.
Our little casa for sale...scary and totally mixed emotions.
Three days on the market and 2 offers. SUPER CRAZY!!!!It all happened soooooo fast and now we need to move.
Where? We don't know, lookin' around
When? Out by the 31st
Emotional? Yes--Defiantly feelin' the highs and lows and just a LITTLE stressed!!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

My poor daughter

The other night while we were at a friends house, Maeley "snuck"(we saw her doing it but it was a good effort)marshmallows out of their pantry and into her friends room to share. When we went home she wanted to finish her marshmallows in her room. Then the next morning she kept asking me where her marshmallows were. I said "you ate them" and she would tell me over and over that they were lost. Being the bad mother I am I didn't take her seriously and was really only half listening.. Then she went to the pantry to look for some breakfast. That's when I started laughing

I guess she didn't eat it afterall.

Go ahead and spill on your seat

When Jace and I were first married our first "household" purchase was a dining table. After daily wear and spill after spill the chairs have become absolutely disgusting. So I thought I would post the before and after picts. I love before’s and after’s picts, don't you?

Two of the chairs had never been put together, so we actually had brand new ones when I took this photo
NEW (doesn't count)

Gross huh?
It looks like someone actually peed right there on the seat. Nasty Gross!!!! FYI no one peed.

Ahhh much better. Feel free to come over and have a seat. But you can sit on the couch if you want.

The End

Monday, July 20, 2009


I think I love the carpet cleaner man.

BEFORE-- in the family roomAFTER--in the family room
See? Love....

and all the other rooms look so pretty and clean too.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our 4th

This was our first year spending the forth at home. We are usually camping in Oregon or at the coast...or some where. However, it was a great weekend. Nice and long. Did some deep house cleaning, the kind where you clean all the windows, blinds, base boards, take everything off the shelves and dust...BTW HATE dusting. It takes forever and is back in 2 seconds...maybe I should write a blog about "dusting". But back to the 4th of July. We went with our good friends to the Middleton parade. Our friends knew like everyone in the parade... :)

The funniest part was after some of the people on the floats would throw us candy, Maeley would throw it back. She has taken sharing to a whole new level :) JK
Carson was pretty toasty so we really liked it when the firetrucks came by and squirted water on us.
After the parade we went on the lake. And at this point I have to say... I have the best husband. Carson was really tired and had a sunburn from swimming a few days before, so Jace stayed back and let Carson sleep and got everything ready for the delicious BBQ we enjoyed after we got done boating. Now many husbands would do that????

Unfortunately most of the photos I took while we lit fireworks turned out like this one.But a few didn't and these are them...

More sun please

I think this summer's weather has been kinda weird, it's like warm, cold, warm, cold. But once the weather man said it was going to be hot I thought let's blow up the pool, put out the slip-n-slide and another little pool for the babies, then lets invite some friends over. So all the mommies can have a yummy lunch and let the kids splish and splash. I was so glad we did it. It was really fun. I wish I had more pictures of how EVERYTHING (bikes, popsicles, rocks, etc) ended up in the pool. Now we just need more days like this one....


This is Maeley (of course) at her friend Livi's birthday party. It was the best little birthday party ever. Jamie, her mom, did a fairy princess party and made tutu's, and hair pretty's for all the girls and had lots for them to do. It was such a good party. Although it was no boys allowed, Carson was allowed to stay with all the not included :) Maeley patiently waiting her turn for Pin the Unicorn on the Pony
They were all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. Great party Jamie